The Diary of a Tear Gardener

A project by Päivi Hintsanen, (Finnish visual artist,


At the Garden of Tears the focus is on tears in some way or in another – in trees, seedlings, bouquets and fruits; those dark ones of sorrow, reddish ones of anger, shining tears of joy and glittering tears of happiness. The Garden of Tears has been molded inside my head for so long, that I’ve also started imagine its history and culture. This very vague draft of the separate fruits of tree of tears has been developed to a more complex ecosystem with its own principles, which I’ve started to document on my notebook amongst other notes about tears. I’m slowly collecting these notes and observations in to the Diary of the Tear Gardener.

At the moment I'm writing script for the Diary of a Tear Gardener, which will be a fiction based video project, mixing both fully fictive stories describing the history and culture of the Garden of Tears, as well as facts about the tears, and the documentary material collected here, on this page, about the tears - Your tears.

What will I do with this material? - I will sort the replies, dismantle them and then reorganize them, placing similar replies near to each other or opposite ideas to meet each other. I will use individual words or sentences and find a rhythm out of them, to form poem-like parts to my fictional 'documentary'.

I've done this kind of 'data collection' projects before for my Verba video trilogy. If You wish to see how I used the information I collected for my three previous videos - The Undertakings, In Between and Sehnsucht, please visit the page to watch the videos.

All the information You'll share with me, will be anonymous. That's why I won't ask Your personal information, and You don't have to worry about your privacy. If, however, You wish to contact me, please send me an email: paivi.hintsanen(at)


This project page will be open until December 31, 2017. Please, share Your tears with me, they are valuable for me. And don't hesitate to invite Your friends to take part to this project, too.

What comes to Your mind about 'tears'

Please, write whatever words or sentences that thinking of tears brings to Your mind
- so many or as few as You like

Any stories or memories You wish to share about tears?

If there are problems with this form, please come again later or send me the answers with email to paivi.hintsanen(at)